Where do you source your products from?

All products come from different artisans we have met on our travels over the years.
We have years of friendship and partnership with each of them.


How can I shop from you outside the website?

We regularly open stands in different local markets or festivals. You can find out about our next market day by following our social media channels.
Other options:
We can organize a special mini market for you in our garden by appointment.
We can come to your venue or event.
You can contact us for the organization.


Are calabash lamps organic?

Our calabash lamps are grown in Antalya, Turkey and after drying in the workshop in Bodrum, they are finalized by the calabash master.


Why does silver tarnish? Is blackened silver real?

There is only one substance that silver is chemically incompatible with, and that is sulfur. Sulfur is abundant in the air. Gases from car exhausts and chimneys cause this. Also, human sweat can darken silver. This does not indicate that a metal is not silver; on the contrary, if it does not darken in contact with air and sweat, it should be suspected that it is silver.


Are Your Products Silver or Copper?

We never use cheap, low-quality metals in our products that are known to cause irritation and infection.
Our products are divided into Silver, brass, copper.
It is stated in the product descriptions.

 Do your products harm sensitive skin?

First of all, if people with sensitive skin have an allergy, it should be known which product it is and products should be selected accordingly. Since the best quality materials are always used in our products, it does not harm your skin.

Do you do gift wrapping?

We prepare all our cargo with care. If you have a special request, please contact us.


How long does it take to ship the products?

As soon as we receive your order, we prepare your package as soon as possible and we can ship it the next day at the latest.


To which regions do we deliver?

We deliver to every region in the fastest way, especially in Switzerland and France. Apart from these, we have deliveries to Europe and all over the world.


Are there any exchanges/returns on your products?

You can exchange or return products other than tailor-made or produced models within 14 days of purchase, provided that their resaleability is not lost.
Shipping charges for exchanges or returns belong to the customer.


The product arrived damaged, can I return it?

To get a replacement, email us your name, shipping address, order number (if applicable) and a picture of your damaged item. Some of our products can only be 1 piece. If it is out of stock, it may take some time for us to order a new one.


What are the payment options?

Credit card
You can pay with TWINT methods.