Natural Incence

 Natural Incense from Gurajat, India

Aromatherapy has long been the go-to for a range of health and wellness benefits. Natural fragrances have been directly linked to stress relief, better sleep, feelings of calmness, and an energised mind and body. And while many aromatherapy fans find peace with essential oils, natural incense remains just as powerful and effective.

What is Natural Incense?

If you’ve ever been a store that specialises in natural elements like oils, stones, and crystals, chances are you’ve seen sticks, powders, or cones of incense. But what is incense, exactly?

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Simply put, incense is a collection of natural materials that smoke when burned (as opposed to igniting). These materials may include woods, barks, oils, resins, sage, or other aromatics.

Different incense will have different scents, depending on the materials. It also serves different purposes based on the scent, from freshening a room’s smell to producing therapeutic effects.

Incense Benefits

Throughout history, incense supports a variety of use cases. Some of its most common benefits include the following.

Purify the air

Buddhist monks have relied on incense to cleanse the air for thousands of years. It clears away bad odours and removes bacteria from the air, leaving you with a fresher-feeling space.

Improve sleep quality

Some incense has a sedative effect, helping you feel calm and relaxed and ready to sleep. This is why many people burn incense close to bedtime so they reduce insomnia and melt away the stress and demands of the day. 

Stimulate the mind

Incense doesn’t just help to clear the air; it also helps to clear the mind. When you’re feeling under pressure, mentally blocked, or in a rut, burning incense may help to clear your neural pathways and help you think with clarity and creativity.

Support meditation

Along the same vein as stimulating the mind, incense is a constant companion in meditations. When your mind is free of distraction, it can focus more clearly on what’s important to you, or nothing at all.

Reduce feelings of stress

Some scents, like lavender and chamomile, are natural relievers of anxiety and stress. These scents are often found in incense, too, and can help you feel more at ease and able to handle life’s challenges.

How to Use Natural Incense sticks at Home

Incense comes in a range of forms, including powders, cones (the powder has been compressed into a cone shape), and sticks (the powder has been compressed and rolled onto a stick). In each case, the incense must be burned in order to be effective. 

Sticks and cones are the easiest to use. You will need your incense, a lighter or match, and an incense holder.

There are different designs for incense holders for cones and sticks to properly collect the ash and protect the surface of the table, counter, desk, or wherever you choose to place your incense.

Once your incense is in the proper holder, simply light the tip, snuff out the fire, and enjoy the aromas.

Loose incense powders are a little more complex to burn because they require additional preparation. They also require a special holder, usually a bowl filled with fine sand or charcoal. The base (charcoal or sand) needs to be packed down tight to keep your incense powder in place. Distribute your incense powder in a line, then light one end and blow out quickly. Let the incense smolder and soak up the aromas. 

Keep in mind that there are a wide range of loose incense burners on the market, some of which require special types of charcoal. Using the wrong type of charcoal can emit dangerous fumes that you shouldn’t breathe in. We highly recommend incense sticks because they are safer and simpler to use.

Where We Get Our Natural Incense sticks for Doti Sutra

True to the Doti Sutra brand, we source all of our natural incense from skilled artisans who are truly gifted in their crafts. Our incense comes from Gurajat, India from artists who handroll every stick.

They use only natural ingredients, never any chemicals or harmful smells. And, as with all of our products, every purchase supports some of the world’s most talented makers that keep traditions alive.


Shop our collection of natural incense and fill your home with the scents of tradition.


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