Let's Make Macrame Bracelets Together

Macrame Bracelet Making
If you are wondering how to make macrame bracelets, one of the most popular accessories, you are at the right place. Let's take a look at the making and cleaning of a macrame bracelet.

How to Make a Macrame Bracelet?
It is very important to fix the threads for the bracelet knitting process. You can use tape or safety pins for fixing.
If you are wondering how to knit a macrame bracelet, you can also make one-sided macrame bracelet models with the basic knitting technique. A little more interesting and macrame bracelets sold on our site are more complex and require mastery.

You can knit yourself a stylish macrame bracelet by following the steps given below.

• You must first prepare your materials. If you are wondering what thread the bracelet is made with, it is enough to use macrame threads with the color and delicacy you want. Two-color macrame bracelet thread will be suitable for making one-sided knitted bracelets. For example; Blue and white colors can be preferred. Don't forget to have scissors ready to cut the threads.
• You should cut 3 pieces of 45cm long rope from blue color. You also need to cut a piece of white macrame thread 1.5 meters long. Let's also mention that the white thread will form the main color of the bracelet.
• Fix the cut ropes on a floor by tying knots, leaving 10 cm on the upper side.
• Let the blue threads be on the left and the white threads on the right. Now pass the white rope under using the left side of the blue ropes. Pass the white rope you took to the right again over itself, that is, between two different colored ropes.

• In this way, you have tied the first knot. You can tighten the knot by pulling the white thread upwards.
• In this step, take the white thread to the right and the blue threads to the left and repeat the knot-tying process.
• You can continue knitting your bracelet with V-shaped knots by repeating the three steps above.
• When you reach the length that suits you best, cut the blue threads. Tie a knot at the ends of the white thread on both sides.
• Bring together the white ends that allow you to adjust the macrame bracelet according to the thickness of your wrist and knot it with a blue thread. After fixing the knot, you can cut off the excess of the blue thread.
Your single-sided macrame bracelet is ready. Of course, even if you do these as a hobby, you may not always be able to make every model. Achieving the required mastery can be a time-consuming and cost-intensive process than you expect.

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