How to Find the Ring Size

The point we need to pay attention to when ordering a ring is knowing the ring size and adding this information to the order form correctly. If you don't know your ring size, we can find your ring size using one of the two simple methods below.

  1. METHOD (Diameter)

If there is a ring that you have already worn on the finger you intend to wear the ring you are going to buy, take it in your hand,

Find a ruler with millimeter (mm) measurement,

Put the ring horizontally on the table and spread the ring from side to side.

Measure the inside diameter.

Ignore the metal part of the ring in the measurement process.

Be sure to measure the widest part of the ring while doing this.

Read the millimeter from the ruler.

Write the size corresponding to the DIAMETER from the scale below on the order form.

  1. METHOD (Circle)

If you do not have a ring suitable for the finger you intend to wear, take a piece of wire or a piece of paper in the form of a strip,

Wrap the paper strip around your finger, mark the junction of the two ends with a pencil,

Find a millimeter (mm) ruler, and measure the part of the paper up to where you marked.

These values ​​will give you the length of the circumference of your finger.

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