Tree of Life Necklace and Its Meaning

The Tree of Life represents birth, life, death and rebirth, in short it means the cycle of life.

People have created some symbolic motifs with the instinct of believing and holding on to something throughout their lives. Symbolism, which means signs and signs, is very important in terms of the subject and sheds light on the concept and belief of the tree of life.


Some symbolic meanings attributed to shapes or motifs vary depending on time, cultures and geography. Although the impressions created by the tree on people have common characteristics in most cultures, the tree symbolizes concepts such as fertility, creation and descent, life and death.

The Tree of Life Figure is a symbol for humanity as old as ancient history. We can say that this figure, which has found its place in various geographies of the world, especially in the Turkish, Egyptian, Chinese and Indian civilizations, shows and even symbolizes life, vitality, realism and renewal in its first sense. It has a mystical and superhuman meaning, especially because of the emergence of civilization in the places where it first appeared. The tree of life, which stands out as the most aesthetic presentation of the life force, actually has a common meaning for everyone who loves life and enjoys life and life.

The tree of life represents a new life, brand new opportunities as well as its first expression. Sometimes the symbol of the family is interpreted as man's purpose is to leave a mark in this world, to continue his lineage and to take root. That's exactly why these necklaces are usually given as a gift to someone from the family.

If you are not gifting this necklace to someone in your family, it means saying "I want you to be my family" for the person you gift it to. This necklace is given as a gift to loved ones such as family. It is one of the favorite necklace figures of almost everyone who loves their family.

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