How to Clean Macrame Products?

How to Clean Macrame

Macrame jewelry and macrame home products, which have taken their place among the jewelry and decoration trends of recent years, have taken their place among almost all of us both jewelry and decoration products in our homes and workplaces. What everyone wonders about these products is how to clean macrame products.

What are the Tips for Macrame Cleaning?

First of all, we need to know that macrame products, due to their structure, can be cleaned by washing or dry cleaning as other textile products are cleaned. The important thing here is to find the answer to the question of how to wash macrame products.

Especially since the products such as macrame bracelets and necklaces sold on our site fall into the category of gentle handicraft products, they should be washed by hand and without rubbing. When washing such gentle products by hand, warm water should be used, detergents and bleaches should not be used, and non-colored soaps should be used instead.

Leaving it in warm soapy water for about an hour will make cleaning easier, similar to handicraft products such as lace and cross-stitch. Another important point here is this; products are colored or take their place in the natural color, that is, in the category of colorless products.

We also need to wash colorless products by hand and gently without rubbing, but we need to pay more attention to colored macrame products than others. We must be careful not to bleed colors. It will be useful to check whether the paint flows by wetting the tip of the colored macrame and to prevent it from fading. If it is flowing, it will be necessary to use as cool water as possible.

Finally, if you want to look at the crux of the business; The point you will pay attention to here will be to gently and slowly clean the macrame hair from top to bottom as much as possible by taking the hairs of the macrame between your fingers. Drying the hairy parts with a hair dryer during the drying process will be more beneficial for them to open and regain their old appearance. Rinsing the hairs well is one of the important factors for them to regain their old appearance.

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