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eCommerce has forever changed the retail industry. No longer limited to just goods available locally, buyers around the world can access a treasure trove of clothing, trinkets, and art made in other countries. However, despite international goods being available with the click of a Buy Now button, the increase in mass production strips away much of what makes international access so special. 

When goods are produced cheaply, efficiently, and uniformly, they lose much of the sparkle that makes them so unique. Designs are quickly and easily reproduced, reducing the rarity of these items. We end up with more of the same, and the goods consumers do buy lack inspiration. 

What’s more, true craftsmanship and artisanal talents become lost to mass manufacturing. And in 2015, we said, “No more!” 

We founded Doti Sutra as a mission to connect shoppers with unique handmade items from countries that still value tradition, excellence, and the art of making. And we know you’ll appreciate the difference.

What Local Art Means to Us

We don’t product the fine clothing, jewellry, and decor you’ll find in our store. But we do know how to appreciate the skills, time, and imagination that artisans put into their work. We recognise that the methods and tools many artists use are those that their ancestors taught them. 

True artistic skill is often passed through generations. It is able to continue thriving even in modern times because the next generation sees the value in learning the craft. 

Through our travels, though, we have noticed that while some techniques — like Newari jewellry making — have been alive for thousands of years, the very concept of artisanal goods is at risk of extinction. Craftsmen are becoming harder to find, and it’s becoming more challenging to capture the interests of younger generations whose heads have been turned by technology, efficiency, and mass production. 

That’s why we decided to do something about it. 

We founded Doti Sutra on the idea of sharing honest, authentic art with the world. We traveled to some of the remote places of our world in search of artists and makers who still value old-fashioned methods and pour their hearts and souls into every piece. We promised to bring their fine pieces to a global stage while supporting local art communities — and that’s why you will only find handmade, one of a kind pieces in our store.

How We Source Our Merchandise

We have travelled the world to connect face to face with skilled craftsmen that have made things like textiles, jewellry, and home goods their life’s work. We work directly with each artist or shop to bring their items to our store, often collaborating on the look and feel of each piece based on what we know our customers already love.

We list the items in our store and ship to a global audience. We also highlight where the item came from and what makes it so special, like our famous Calabash gourd lamps from Turkey or our natural incenses from India. We are transparent in our prices as well as the materials and other aspects of our products, so you can feel good about every purchase.

Every product is one we have hand-selected based on our personal experiences. We know each maker personally, have learned about their background in the arts, and support the same causes. Most importantly, we’re enabling artists in underdeveloped countries and remote locations to continue doing what they love.

Experience World Treasures at Doti Sutra

What makes our store so unique isn’t just the selection of items, but also the backstory of each item. We love collecting beautiful things and sharing them with you so that fine craftsmanship never completely becomes a lost art. 

Our mission is to collaborate with artists and small businesses around the world. In our current times of madness, we are blessed to continue doing what we love. We believe that art is essential to existence and self-expression, and we’re putting it within everyone’s reach. 

We invite you to explore Doti Sutra’s collection of fine treasures from around the world and take a moment to appreciate what’s taken our artists a lifetime to create.

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