Choosing Silver Jewelry That Fits Your Style

Although the use of jewelry is unisex and is used extensively by men, they are the most important accessories that women use as a complement to their clothes, especially in their daily and private lives.

Known as women's indispensable accessories, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets and bracelets vary as well; These products can be very diverse in the material used in making them.

So, among all this variety, which type of jewelry suits your style?
The answer to this question may be "silver jewelry" for many of you. Silver jewelry is the most important type of jewelry that is appreciated by women with its elegance and elegance, especially standing out from jewelry made of gold, steel, bijouterie (low quality metal products) and natural stones.

The biggest factor in the popularity of silver jewelry, which has managed to take its place in almost every woman's wardrobe, is that it can be easily combined with any outfit and has more variety than jewelry made from other materials.


So, how to choose silver jewelry suitable for the outfit? Choosing the most suitable model for your clothes and style among stylish models is a special situation that is completely related to the taste of the person.
In this content, we wanted to share with you some small details that we think will make your jewelry selection easier.

Know your body: Choosing jewelry is an important issue that requires attention. When deciding on your jewelry selection, you should first know your body. After this stage, you need to analyze the compatibility of the clothes you will wear that day and the jewelry you will use.

Every detail, from your height to your weight, from your haircut to the way you collect and comb your hair, are important factors in your jewelry selection. In addition, it is useful to make sure that the silver jewelry you choose is in a form that you can use easily throughout the day.

Choosing silver jewelry according to the environment you will be in and the outfit you will wear:

One of the important details in choosing silver jewelry suitable for your style is to pay attention to what kind of environment and invitation you will go to.

Will the meeting you attend be in a private place or in an intimate setting? Are you going to a job interview? Or to have coffee with your friends?
If you're wearing a classic outfit for a business meeting, you can opt for an elegant, simple and minimal ghost necklace. If you are going to be in a chat environment with your friends, you can choose more sports or models that can be written.

Choose figures that will reflect your style: The pieces that make silver jewelry more special and meaningful are silver figures that make jewelry more stylish. Among the silver jewelry with heart, eternity, star, mythological, mother-child, flower, insect, animal, evil eye bead figures, you should choose the one that suits your style.

Large and small silver figures or symbols are used to increase the visuality of silver jewelry with high craftsmanship. Every silver jewelry you choose according to the symbols on it is actually an important detail that reflects your style. We can say that the tiny symbols used in silver jewelry are small but actually huge details that make the jewelry look stylish, sporty, classic or cute.
To help you reflect your style above, we discussed how to choose jewelry that suits your style.

Don't forget that every piece of jewelry you choose, in accordance with your environment and the outfit you wear, is an important protagonist!
Now, review your style and take a look at the wonderful silver jewelry that Doti Sutra has to offer you.

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