Everything You Need To Know About Silver Jewelry

Silver is preferred by many users as one of the most loved precious metals thanks to its versatile, timeless and beautiful appearance. Do you use silver jewelry because you love it for its stylish look or because you know all the features that make this metal important?

Well, let's ask you a good question, have you ever wondered what are the important elements that distinguish silver jewelry that you love from other jewelry?

In this blog post, we tried to explain the meaning and content of silver and how you can distinguish it from jewelry made of other metals. Read on to learn more about silver.

What is Silver?

Silver, as we all know, is a precious alloy of certain metals. Silver, a precious, white lustrous metal, is an alloy of pure silver and small amounts of other metals. In other words, the majority of the alloy is pure silver, while a small fraction of the remainder comes from other metals, most commonly copper.

Since pure silver has a very soft structure, it has been strengthened by making it functional by using other metals. Otherwise, if silver jewelry was made of pure silver only, it would not be suitable for daily use.

Silver is very valuable, so many people confuse it with alloys that look like silver but are made entirely of other metals.

So how can we tell if silver is real?

It is very important to understand whether a jewelry you have purchased by liking its craftsmanship and design is silver, there are several ways to understand this.

These special ways:

  • Is there a 925 stamp? The most effective way to find out whether a beautiful and stylish jewelry is silver is to look for the stamp written on it. All silver jewelry worldwide has a quality stamp that clearly indicates its metal content. These marks are usually located on hooks or clips. If you're buying silver jewelry, look for its stamp in the most inconspicuous place.
  • Does the silver jewelry you use darken? This question may sound a bit strange, but if your answer is "yes", that's a good thing. Because real silver darkens over time as it comes into contact with the skin. If a product you buy as silver does not darken, that product is not "silver".
  • Magnet test. Silver is not magnetic. For this reason, it should not stick to the jewelry you bought when you hold a magnet. If your jewelry sticks to the magnet strongly, the product is not silver.
  • Consult the jeweler. Another simple method is to consult an expert jeweler if you are not sure whether the jewelry you are using is silver or not. Thanks to this method, you will also learn the quality and value of your silver.

In this content, which you take the time to read, we have included details that you do not know about silver jewelry. In our next blog content, you will find incredible information about jewelry and gift products.

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