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Handmade by Mini Mystic
6cm | | Brass & Copper Wire


Kyanite is a meditation crystal that is used when other crystals are seemingly just not helping. It seems to be the most powerful crystal for helping establish a deep meditative state. It is also a personal talisman that is very effective in keeping you safe from a variety of ailments and misfortunes.

Red agate, Promotes physical grounding, enhances your connection to the physical realm , helps you draw what you need from the limitless Universal energy that surrounds you, reduces negativity, encourages creativity

Rhodochrosite is a great stone for calling a new love into one’s life, a friend or a romantic partner that is a soulmate, one who helps us learn necessary lessons for our higher good. This stone can beautifully guide one in the quest for emotional happiness, help one move forward after a period of doubt, and express love toward others without fear of rejection.