Macrame and Other Bracelets

Another jewelry accessory that is frequently used in daily life is bracelets. Wristbands used by both women and men; It can also be designed with gold, silver, leather and crochet knitting. Gold and silver bracelets are mostly preferred on special occasions, leather and crochet bracelets, and knitted bracelets called macrame are preferred in daily life.

One of the most important reasons why macrame bracelets are preferred in daily life is that it is an easy accessory due to its non-sweaty structure and light weight.
It is frequently used in every product from rings to bracelets, from earrings to necklaces in the world of jewellery, with its gold color, yellow and white, and is frequently preferred by people. Because these gold designs, accompanied by precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, pearls, make people feel more special and beautiful. Naturally, these feelings increase the interest in gold and gold products.

The gold cuff bracelets, which were in fashion this year, were the best examples of this interest. Cuff bracelets, which are a big trend among women in the summer of 2022, decorated their wrists with a thousand different designs. In addition to their simple designs, they were preferred by women with their flashy and stylish models.

In addition to cuff bracelets, bracelets knitted from colorful threads to match every outfit in daily life are also among the trends. Especially macrame bracelets that adapt immediately to any wrist and any outfit.
Macrame bracelets are bracelet models that are knitted with various colored threads and accompanied by various accessories such as infinity, butterfly, heart, star, ring, colored beads, evil eye beads.
Especially because of the multitude of personalized designs and the handmade production, it seems like it was produced only for those who wear it.


Bracelets have taken their place among the most attractive and preferred products of the jewelry world with their easy use in daily life.
You can choose from Doti Sutra's wonderful hand-knit macrame bracelet models.

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